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#BringBackArtieT Can’t remember ever going into a supermarket and not seeing bananas. Been reading about the Demoulas wars, but damn… (at Hannaford Supermarkets)

Reason #1 to roll through my @panmass #Funkraiser today? We dancing. (at West End Johnnies)

Real men ride cobblestones #LeTour (at 2014 Lowell Folk Festival)

Dispatches: #ASSIndustries goes to Mount Hood via @snowboardermag

Dispatches: ASS Industries goes to Mount Hood - Snowboarder Magazine:

#Slomo (h/t @SBXER)

"I realized there was an aspect to lateral acceleration which made many of us feel good." When I was a kid - skateboarding & snowboarding - I used to get so pumped, I could hardly control my joy. People used to throw stuff at me, so. I started to "tone it down." I never felt like I was "normal". And no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get it. What I didn’t understand, but I’ve been learning, is that was that they were just assholes.

Diggin’ in the crates. Art auction this weekend to raise $$$ for #PMC2014
Evolution of the forthcoming @IntuitBand self-titled #Intuit album cover (III of III) #Digital
Evolution of the forthcoming @IntuitBand self-titled #Intuit album cover (II of III) #inspiration @astringofpearls


Rory is Rockin’ the Golf World

Rory McIlroy is crushing the field at The Open Championship! He is six shots ahead of the competition at -16.

In honor of the amazing golfer Rory is, here are some of his popular videos showing his God-given talent.

Above is his famous Rory Vs The Robot.

And here is a video of him at the Scottish Open last week hitting a 436 Yard drive!

And if you like the science side of things, check out this Sports Science Video of McIlroy attempting 3 golf challenges. The first one is wild.

Rory McIlroy & Rickie Fowler tee off at 9:40amEST pumasport

Sunrise ride #PMC2014 @panmass #Training #Bruins #fromwhereiride  (at Pelham Fish & Game Club.)