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Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba and Eva Green on the Sin City: Dame To Kill For red carpet. See more here —->

Just decided what I’m doing tonight


Happy Birthday, Blastmaster.

"You #hiphop clowns should have a dance off. Can’t get a condom on, can’t get your pants off." -@EdOGBoston #2TurntablesAndAMic #TrueSchool


Super Session: Z-boys, pools and Jay Adams #RIP #SoMuchStyle


kscottcosme been working on my portfolio the last couple days; this couldn’t be more #onpoint

"Unfortunately, knowledge alone does not confer the right to decide what’s best for others, nor the right to impose your will on them. On the other hand, it does come with great responsibility to empower others. This is where I veer toward the idea of community-centric science communication. I believe that if I know something that can help someone else, I have a responsibility to help them to the best of my ability make use of this knowledge. But the ultimate responsibility for how they use this knowledge lies in their hands, not mine."


Confessions of a Scientist Communicator (via wildcat2030)

This is the reason and entire motivation behind my writing, editing, overall blogging and my main objective as a parent and citizen of the cosmos.

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Think this concept is covered under a clause in my social contract (h/t Rawls), but the fine print is a great reminder

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Little bunny just tricked an entire room of wolves into dancing so hard they couldn’t eat him #storytelling #strategy (at Parker Memorial Library)
#PMC2014 with the Bruins, a set on Flickr.A smattering of memories from my 1st Pan Mass Challenge
Finished my 1st @panmass: inspired, enlightened & deeply grateful and ready for #PMC2015 #Bruins (at Provincetown Inn)
Never could draw; thankfully, someone taught me to photograph #priftoflexing #pmc2014 (at Massachusetts Maritime Academy)